Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hard as.......

Nails. Titanium nails. 6 of them. And 6 of the more traditional "shepherds crook" type pegs. That's what arrived this week by way of those nice people at ultralightoutdoorgear. I reckon I'm now good to go for pitching on anything up to, and including, concrete.

Vargo Pegs

While I was shopping for pegs, I picked up another OMM Duomat. The one I've already got makes a fine sit-mat or, opened out, a loafing-mat. I used it under my Thermarest "three quarters" last time out as a wee bit of extra insulation from the ground, Two will be handy for those times I use a full length mat.


All 3 of my OMM bags are designed with carrying an extra Duo in mind so it'll be interesting to actually try it. Both fit neatly in the Jirishanca and there's no significant loss of available volume. I'll try it with the other 2 when I get a minute.

I can imagine getting away with using just the Duo's on their own somewhere soft and grassy but I seriously doubt I'm hardcore enough to do it anywhere else :o)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Innov8 Roclite 390 GTX

It's a difficult thing, finding boots that fit. Like many others, I have one "odd" foot. I think it's the left one but it could be the right. One of them's a bit out of kilter with the other at any rate. So I'm well used to playing around with the fit;adjusting laces, one sock or two and so on.

The 390's need very little in the way of adjustment and that's a minor miracle in itself. I've been wearing them at work over the last week and they've been fine. At times, I forgot I was wearing them and that's always a good sign.

Roclite 390

I've got high hopes for these over the coming months but I'll reserve judgement until I've put some serious miles on them. Anyway, Chris Townsend likes them so they can't be that bad :o)

Saturday, 28 March 2009


It's breezy out. Almost Gale Force at times. I had half-a-mind to head out this weekend, not far, just somewhere local. My mental checklist (mental as in, the one in my head) always includes a windproof and has done for at least the last 8 or 9 years.

It was Chris Townsend's idea. I was reading TGO one day and he'd done a test on windproofs. They were, and I'm paraphrasing here, "One of the most useful & versatile items you can carry". That caught my attention and, the very next Saturday, I was off up to Summits to see what they had.

CT had recommended the Karrimor Vector Run and so that was the one I had to have. I couldn't see it on the racks. "Looking for anything in particular?" said Andy from behind the counter. "Karrimor Vector Run", says I. "What size?" says he. "Large, I think". "Two ticks", and off he went up the back stairs. After a bit of thumping from above, he trots back down bearing a tiny package. I was beaming. He even knocked a tenner off on account of me being a regular.

From L to R, Karrimor Vector, Paramo Fuera, Rab Quantum Windshhirt

I took it out the next day. And every other hill day for years after. That wee blue bundle's been over more hills than I can count. A constant companion no less. Even though others have come along since, it's never been fully put away. That flash of blue is there every time the door to the gear cupboard opens. It was however, put away dirty. There's still evidence of its' last outing. Some TLC is in order. And maybe a wee re-living of the old times when I was a full-on Hill Monster and not the procrastinating, any-excuse-to-stay-home lazy bastard I've turned into.

"Sorry it's late but.......Happy Birthday!!!"

I knew I'd forgotten something but I couldn't think what. It came to me when I was looking for something, down in the depths of my inane ramblings; my wee blog is 2. And a bit.

I was close with that last post but it slipped past, unnoticed, like a midget submarine in a Norwegian Fjord.

Never mind. Better late than never, that's what I say.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Keeping Bad Company

The real world outside the window is all grey, wet and miserable.

To a virtual one then. A couple of hours blowin' shit up should do it.


I hope he had insurance on that thing.

We're Oscar Mike. Husker, Out.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Joy Of Parcels

Nothing starts a Tuesday off like a wee trip to the Sorting Office. And when the package carries the mark of the US Postal Service the joy is palpable. Big packages or small, it's all good.

I don't buy from The States very often but when the stuff you seek can't be found here then it's over The Pond we go.

The contents were eagerly anticipated. The substance therein, my own personal Opium.


I tested a sample when I got to work. Pure, Grade A Caffiene. This stuff's the shit, man.

It kicks the arse of that Nescafe pish that I took with me last time out. I'm popping a few packets in the grub bag and then I'm away to check the MWIS.

Credit to John Manning & Darren for the enlightenment. Bless you.

Update : It occurred to me that, apart from a photie and a brief mention in the comments, folk might not know what the hell I'm talking about. It is, of course, Java Juice. And I should also point out that they're rubbish at answering emails. Rubbish in the sense that they don't. At all.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Why is the Blogger editor so shite? I mean, seriously. Look at the state of that last post. That looked great in Live Writer and then Blogger mangled it. Why? Why does it do these things? Cause it's free, that's why so just STFU and get on wi' it.


Terra Nova Moonlite Bag Cover

I love my wee Laserlite, I really do, but a couple of things bother me; it's a tad cramped for a big lanky like myself and it's prone to a fair bit of condensation. Combine these things and you end up with a damp sleeping bag on account of me constantly coming in to contact with the inner, particularly at the foot end.

So, I'd been thinking of some kind of water-resistant cover. The Rab Survival Zone is a bit OTT so when I saw the Moonlite I thought, "That's the boy for me".*

TN Bivi

First impressions: It's light. Very light for what it is and packs up small, much smaller than the SZ. And it's simple, just a drawcord at the top that pulls the "hood" in nice & snug. There's enough room to let my Rab Quantum bag loft fully and it's long enough for me at 6'4".

TN vs Rab

Moonlite (Top) vs Survival Zone (Bottom)

So, looking good then. All I need to do now is make the time to get some serious Zeds in it.

*Credit to Matt by way of ptc's place for bringing it to my, and others, attention.