Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hard as.......

Nails. Titanium nails. 6 of them. And 6 of the more traditional "shepherds crook" type pegs. That's what arrived this week by way of those nice people at ultralightoutdoorgear. I reckon I'm now good to go for pitching on anything up to, and including, concrete.

Vargo Pegs

While I was shopping for pegs, I picked up another OMM Duomat. The one I've already got makes a fine sit-mat or, opened out, a loafing-mat. I used it under my Thermarest "three quarters" last time out as a wee bit of extra insulation from the ground, Two will be handy for those times I use a full length mat.


All 3 of my OMM bags are designed with carrying an extra Duo in mind so it'll be interesting to actually try it. Both fit neatly in the Jirishanca and there's no significant loss of available volume. I'll try it with the other 2 when I get a minute.

I can imagine getting away with using just the Duo's on their own somewhere soft and grassy but I seriously doubt I'm hardcore enough to do it anywhere else :o)


Joe Newton said...

Proper pegs! I'm still waiting for some of those shiny blue Clamcleat Y pegs to arrive before I take my equally shiny new Laser Comp out.

Big fan of the Duomat too, they're great for lining snow seats/scrapes. I need to get a 45 sized one as well to replace the 'scrap' of foam supplied in the Adventure Light that I managed to put my thumb through on it's first outing :-(

Big Kev said...

Proper pegs but not dirty pegs. Soon tho' :o)

Those Norwegian posties takin' their sweet time again? Nothing available locally?

Ultralightoutdoorgear deliver quickly, to the UK at least, and had the 45 Duomat in stock last time I looked. And lots of pegs :o)

Joe Newton said...

Despite good quality gear being available in every sport and outdoor shop in Bergen there is a distinct lack of lightweight camping gear. I haven't been able to track down a local lightweight mail order emporium yet (my Norwegian is still limited!). The problem with ordering stuff from the UK is import tax. The authorities are very keen to stop and try to apply a charge to any parcel coming from abroad, even when it contains 'birthday presents' from your own family!

Despite some supplementary pegs not arriving in time I finally got those teeny tiny Laser Comp pegs dirty this weekend! Thankfully there was very little wind and very soft ground.

Big Kev said...

Wasn't so long ago that it was really hard to get good quality lightweight gear here, in the UK.

The wee TN pegs are fine in most situations but it's nice to have something a bit beefier to fall back on :o)

scott said...

I like the look of that Jirishanca. I'm in that emotionally difficult position whereby I'd quite like something that goes between my 25L and my 45L.

Problem is that (a)I clearly don't need another one and (b)Marion's started to notice that I seem to have an awful lot of rucksacks already.

It's maybe a life I'm needing, rather than a lightweight rucksack.


Big Kev said...

Aye, it's the perpetual dilema, right enough. Want versus need. The Jiri's a crackin' wee bag, no doubt, and you've already identified a gap there so I'd say go for it :o)

Selling on anything you havenae used for a while eases the "guilt" and keeps the gear mountain in check and goes some way to pacifying the loved ones.

I just got another bag this morning. The future Mrs D just sighed and gave me that slightly resigned look :o(

A life? Yes, I need one of those.

scott said...

Ahem. I'm no' seriously thinking about that rucksack of course, but just as a matter of interest can you get a water bottle in and out of the side pockets when you're "on the move" as they say?

Without dislocating your shoulder, or throwing your back into spasm, obviously.


Big Kev said...

Aye, one could indeed :o) I usually carry 2 bottles and get at either easy enough and I'm no exactly the most supple of folk.

scott said...

I still haven't finally decided what to do.

But chances are, when the next credit card statement comes in I'll be telling Marion it was all your fault.


Big Kev said...

Ah, the old "It wisnae me, it was him." gambit :o) That might work, right enough.

You could always get somebody to buy one for you and then gie them cash but that's straying into money-laundering territory :o)