Sunday, 20 February 2011

Finisterre Humboldt Mk II

As it's been a while, I thought my first post of 2011 should be gear related. And what a fine bit of gear it is; the Finisterre Humboldt Mk II.

Some folk will remember Finisterre from a couple of years back when they produced something that looked like a Paramo Velez, was made from the same material as a Paramo Velez, but was cut a tad more on the "athletic" side than anything Paramo produce.

Justifiably, they flew off the racks and quickly sold out. Happily, they're back, albeit in a slightly different form. Ah. Just checked and they're sold out again. Sorry about that. The Analogy fabric is gone and what we have now is something that looks like the bastard offspring of an unholy union between Buffalo and Paramo.

The similarity to the Velez is obvious but there are a few welcome refinements: the cut is oh-so much slimmer which suits me and my Racing Snake frame.

 Large Humboldt laid atop Large Velez Adventure for comparison

The sleeves are nice and long, something that Paramo never managed. The Humboldt has no internal, and frankly useless, handwarmer pocket. The hood volume adjuster runs up both sides of the head and works well.

The only niggle so far is the adjustable cuffs. I didn't know they made Velcro that wide.

 World's Widest Strip of Velcro

I've been kicking about in it and it's been great but I'll try and give it a proper outing soon.