Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Joy Of Parcels

Nothing starts a Tuesday off like a wee trip to the Sorting Office. And when the package carries the mark of the US Postal Service the joy is palpable. Big packages or small, it's all good.

I don't buy from The States very often but when the stuff you seek can't be found here then it's over The Pond we go.

The contents were eagerly anticipated. The substance therein, my own personal Opium.


I tested a sample when I got to work. Pure, Grade A Caffiene. This stuff's the shit, man.

It kicks the arse of that Nescafe pish that I took with me last time out. I'm popping a few packets in the grub bag and then I'm away to check the MWIS.

Credit to John Manning & Darren for the enlightenment. Bless you.

Update : It occurred to me that, apart from a photie and a brief mention in the comments, folk might not know what the hell I'm talking about. It is, of course, Java Juice. And I should also point out that they're rubbish at answering emails. Rubbish in the sense that they don't. At all.


Martin Rye said...

Darren kindly sent me some samples a while back. He is nice like that. Good choice. They are superb. Don't hesitate to send samples my way :)

Big Kev said...

I'm pricing up a bigger box right now. Samples will doubtless be handed round :o)

Joe Newton said...

I just found out they sell these little foil sachets of goodness in a shop down in the city. Result!

I have a parcel to collect this evening that should contain a brand new Laser Comp. It's like Christmas!

Big Kev said...

Like Christmas indeed :o) Now that's a proper parcel. Nice. And you've got the nature at your back door. No excuses for not using it then? :o)

The JJ folk don't list Norway on their "where to buy". If I don't hear back from them soon, you might be getting a begging letter :o)

Joe Newton said...

Kev - No excuses at all. I'm very lucky that I only work part-time at the moment and the trails start ten minutes from my front door.

I saw the Java Juice on the counter at Platou Sport in town. I will enquire (in Norwegian?! That'll be interesting...) if they're going to stock it regularly. If they do I'll be happy to help out. Just to warn you though, the postal service is expensive in Norway.

Big Kev said...

I've heard about the Norwegian posties. It's almost as if they don't want folk to send stuff :o) It's a kind offer tho' and I'll keep it in mind, thanks.

Your 10 minutes from the trail trumps my 30 btw.

Anonymous said...

Coffee and parcels.
Both are the light shining in any dark week.
Sometimes the good fairy does have time to get her feet up to enjoy her own cuppa and that's when the ambivalence elf stands in for her.
That happened today when a courier dropped off a 2kg synthetic sleeping bag for review...
I need another coffee.

Big Kev said...


2kg??? That's aboot the weight of my tent, bag and mat combined. Is there a wee pony to carry it waiting at the depot? :o)