Sunday, 1 March 2009


Why is the Blogger editor so shite? I mean, seriously. Look at the state of that last post. That looked great in Live Writer and then Blogger mangled it. Why? Why does it do these things? Cause it's free, that's why so just STFU and get on wi' it.



scott said...

Lol - now that your fancy American coffee seems to have calmed you down a wee bit, I feel able to say that the post disny look that bad, does it? I agree that putting photos into posts with Blogger is a bit hit & miss altogether, right enough. They often won't stick where you put them.

Yours isny quite as squashed up if you look at it in IE rather than Firefox by the way.

See how these complex techical terms simply trip off my tongue, now?


Big Kev said...

You are The Webmaster :o) I swear, some days I hate the internet.