Sunday, 1 March 2009

Terra Nova Moonlite Bag Cover

I love my wee Laserlite, I really do, but a couple of things bother me; it's a tad cramped for a big lanky like myself and it's prone to a fair bit of condensation. Combine these things and you end up with a damp sleeping bag on account of me constantly coming in to contact with the inner, particularly at the foot end.

So, I'd been thinking of some kind of water-resistant cover. The Rab Survival Zone is a bit OTT so when I saw the Moonlite I thought, "That's the boy for me".*

TN Bivi

First impressions: It's light. Very light for what it is and packs up small, much smaller than the SZ. And it's simple, just a drawcord at the top that pulls the "hood" in nice & snug. There's enough room to let my Rab Quantum bag loft fully and it's long enough for me at 6'4".

TN vs Rab

Moonlite (Top) vs Survival Zone (Bottom)

So, looking good then. All I need to do now is make the time to get some serious Zeds in it.

*Credit to Matt by way of ptc's place for bringing it to my, and others, attention.


Dave Hanlon said...

Late to the party as usual I just stumbled across this today. You been out in this thing yet? Find it hard to believe that a bag at this weight could be "waterproof" as they claim. What's your verdict?

Big Kev said...

Hi Dave. Better late than never, eh? :o) My verdict is; as a bag cover it works well. Very well indeed. 2 nights in a damp single skin tent and my sleeping bag was bone dry.

For a planned bivvy? Aye, I would if the weather was going to be ok and I could be confident of a reasonably soft bit of ground. But I'd make sure I had a full-length mat and a wee tarp for the head end.

I'd still use the SZ for anything rougher tho'.

I suppose it all comes down to what you're going to be using it for. As long as you're sensible, it should be ok.

Jens said...


just discovered your excellent blog while looking for information about the TN Moonlite.

Did you use it more often since then? Are you still satisfied with breathability and waterpoofness?

Is it really only 200cm long? That seems quite short to me...

Thanks in advance for any information!

Big Kev said...

Hey Jen,

Welcome & thanks for the kind words.

I've used the Moonlite 3 times now, each time in a single skin shelter, with both down & synthetic bags. Not had a problem yet. There was a wee bit of condensation inside the bag but nothing to write home about and certainly nothing that would compromise the insulation.

Mine measures up at 210cm. From foot to neck, it's exactly 170cm.

The only thing to watch out for is that it's quite narrow. I've used it with a PHD Minim 500 and it's fine but with anything "loftier", I reckon it would start to compress the down a bit.

I'm away next w/e and it'll be coming along so I'll try and get some photos and do a proper write-up.

I'd give it 4 and a half stars out of 5 in the meantime :o)

Jens said...

Thanks a lot for your immediate answer! If the bivi is longer than TN desribes it, I'm still hoping... ;-)
Could you be so kind and check if the width is also wider than the stated 75cm?
I found only limited information on the PHD Minim 500 - is it somewhat comparable to a Western Mountaineering Apache SMF (-10°C rated bag with about 550g down fill and 15cm loft)?

Big Kev said...

Hi Jens,

The Moonlite is exactly 75cms at its' widest point. I'm not familiar with the WM bag but the spec' does look similar to the Minim 500.

Hope that helps.

Jens said...

That helps indeed, thanks a lot.