Saturday, 29 May 2010

And may your days be good and long upon the Earth

I'd be lying if I said there were no pre-wedding jitters because there were. Not about the getting married bit, more the social side. See, I don't do crowds and I'm not known as a party animal. Then there was the whole stand up and make a speech routine. So aye, a degree of trepidation was felt.

But when my wife pointed out our mystery guest, I knew all would be well. There, providing overwatch from the high ground of the "cutting sponge"*, was Master Chief.

Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most and can turn a great day into a perfect one.

Magic o)

Now you will feel no rain,
For each of you will be shelter to the other.

Now you will feel no cold,
For each of you will be warmth to the other.

Now there is no more loneliness,
For each of you will be companion to the other.

Now you are two bodies,
But there is one life before you.

Go now to your dwelling place,
To enter into the days of your togetherness.
And may your days be good and long upon the earth.

*Cutting Sponge - for lightweights that don't actually like fruit cake. I know. Fuckin' weirdos.


BG! said...

Congrats to you both!

You'll be hitting the hills more often now then, Kev. I mean, you'll not be wanting to be getting under her feet and cluttering the house with your presence :-)

BG! said...

Oh, and FWIW, we arrived at a compromise for our wedding-cake - SWMBO chose the top and bottom tiers (standard fruit), the middle was my choice... choc-chip, no fruit :-)

Big Kev said...

Bless you, BG :o) This weekend has been a blur of gear sorting and seam-sealing so aye, time to start getting back outside.

No fruit? You'll be telling me you don't like marzipan next. Although the choc-chip option does sound good.

Leftover cake and coffee by the light of a bushbuddy next weekend tho' :o)

Gordy said...

Congratulations to you both!

Any cake left?

Joe Newton said...

Lovin' the Master Chief wedding cake! Someone has a great sense of humour!

Congratulations Kev.

Big Kev said...

Thanks Gordy. No much cake left now :o(

Big Kev said...

Sorry Joe. Missed you there. Apparently I'd said something about having Master Chief as a cake decoration some months ago. My Mrs remembered and went to great lengths to make it happen :o)

Oh, and thanks btw :o)

Alan Sloman said...

Well done fella - Congratulations. Nice cake.

Big Kev said...

Thanks Alan :o)

AktoMan said...

Belated best wishes to you both.

Big Kev said...

Better belated than be-never, as I always say :o)

Cheers Aktodude.