Saturday, 14 August 2010

No more excuses

Well, they weren't really excuses, more like stuff that I knew was coming and would have to dedicate time to. In all honesty, I'm the King of Procrastination, I don't actually need an excuse. And the motivation to get out on the hills wasn't really there although I did at least get some outdoorsy stuff done, just nothing worth writing home about.

So we had the wedding and, as stated previously, we couldn't have asked for a better day. Just marvellous.

Next, was the detrioration of the sight in my left eye. The visit to the opticians in April had led to only one conclusion; no prescription on Earth was going to fix it and surgery was required. Now, Eye and Surgery are two words that should never be uttered in the same sentence but it had to be done. I had no choice. Well, I did; I could go around half-blind.

In truth, it was making me miserable. Driving was a chore and work was ju
st plain frustrating. And I'll blame it for me not wanting to get up a hill more often. You don't realise just how much you rely on your sight until you start to lose it. So, 3 days after my birthday, I went under the knife. Or micro-scalpel or whatever the hell they use. I was awake but couldn't see anything other than a very bright light. I did see the syringe that delivered the local anasthetic beforehand though. And that's every bit as rubbish as it sounds, btw.

It's made a huge difference tho'. I can actually function without glasses for the first time in years. And by function I mean I can get about without walking into anything. I still need spec's for the usual stuff but I wouldn't be completely fucked without them.

Now that I can actually see the hills again, I want to get back out on them as soon as.

The last thing that was stopping me getting away anywhere was the anticipated ar
rival of our first grandchild. I couldn't very well go gallavanting off when I might be called on at any moment for emergency dog-sitting duties.

But he turned up yesterday, all 8lbs 12oz of him. John Connor William McLean. If that's not the coolest name for a boy then I don't know what is.

Action Hero

I'll try to resist putting on an Austrian accent when I speak to him but I make no promises :o)

So aye, early September should see me back outside. I owe The Boy a walk and it's long overdue.


Fenlander said...

So pleased for you with the eye surgery and its sucess. It is possible to function in the great outdoors without much useable sight in either eye but I seem to remember that it sure makes life a little easier. Best of all things to you, your family and especially John Connor William McLean - and I agree It certainly is the Coolest name for a boy.

Big Kev said...

Thanks man :o) It certainly does make a big difference and I'm enormously grateful to the team that did the surgery. There's some very clever people out there.


Martin Rye said...

Good to hear your on the mend Kev. Granddad as well. Hell man don't go old on us. Xbox and hill walking are in order. Anyway congratulations to the parents and grandparents.

Big Kev said...

Thanks Martin. I can't see myself as a traditional grandad. Not for a long time yet, anyways. They can have my Xbox when they can prise it from my cold, dead hands :o)

scott said...

Congratulations Kev. Nice to read something that's all good news. Apart from the bit about the syringe, of course.

Need to try and catch up for a walk once you're back in the swing of things.


Big Kev said...

Thanks Scott :o) Walking? Aye, definitely. Good idea.