Monday, 7 July 2008

Turning Japanese

WARNING! This post contains references to "GEAR". Proper Walkers should look away.

Nipped out at lunchtime to picked up a parcel from the PO, a Snow Peak Trek 900 Ti, bought via Ebay for not a lot of my hard-earned.

It makes me happy on 2 levels;
1. It's new and shiny and I like new and shiny.
2. It means I can get rid of the Alpkit MyTi Mug with its' Gosh-Darned Awful rattley lid.

It drove me demented with its' constant clink-clink-clink. A veritable titanium monkey on my back.

Anyways, I needed something a bit bigger for The Boy and his copious appetite for hot beverages.

All we need now is for it to stop raining long enough for us to get out there and put some "dings" in it.

OK. You can look now.


AktoMan said...

LOL - I'm moving in the exact opposite direction :)

The 900 is a superb bit of kit. I added duct tape around the handles and made a pot-cozy for it. The addition of the carrying bag was useful. Something I missed with the Alpkit until I found the bag for the Vango pillow (relegated to car) did it nicely.

Gas stove, cannister, folding spork, windshield and some soup packets all fit inside to use up the volume. With the meths stove, I've to try it out with my 300ml palmolive fuel container.

I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Big Kev said...

"I look forward to seeing what you do with it."

Aye, me too, as soon as the sky stops leaking.

First thing will be to see how many sachets of Hot Chocolate it'll hold after the gas/stove/buff go in. Quite a lot, I suspect as it's flippin' huuuge!

Why didn't I think of the mesh sack idea before? I'll see what I've got kickin' around.

Alan Sloman said...

All 'proper walkers' have a secret obsession with kit. They just cannot admit it to each other, let alone themselves!

Big Kev said...

For me, it's all part of the fun and keeps me going when The Gods conspire to keep me off the hill.

Awfy hard on the credit card tho'.

Martin Rye said...

Alan said.....All 'proper walkers' have a secret obsession with kit. They just cannot admit it to each other, let alone themselves!..well I want to admit it out loud I'm kit mad. I have 1 Snow peak 900, 600, and a blue 450 mug, why? and I just got the Primus solo Eta stove and pot. Then there is the MSR pots and pans - Is there a gear anonymous support group.

Big Kev said...

"Is there a gear anonymous support group."

No need for one because we don't have a problem. It's everybody else that's in denial :o)