Sunday, 6 July 2008

A Thousand Words

The Boy destroyed my PC. I know how he did it; switching it off at the wall rather than shutting it down in the way Bill Gates intended. If it had been been one of my Linux or XP boxes, it might have survived. So, I take it into work and try and bring it back from the dead in my lunch hour but the hard drives have had enough. They kick into life maybe one time in 10. I managed to drag some stuff off and onto a USB drive before they expired forever. Among the salvage was a set of photies that brought a wee smile to my stir-crazy coupon. It doesn't take a lot of effort to cast my mind back to the day they were taken; I can remember what I was wearing, what the weather was like and even what I had for lunch.

Ben Ledi, Jan 2004

Wandering up the Stank Glen

Above the Pass of the Dead

Ice and snow sculpture

Snowy magnificence

They're not great photies by any means. They were hurried affairs on account of it being so fecking cold but they're priceless nonetheless. This was to be Meg and I's last "big" hill day. If I'd known that our time together was to be only two more short years, I would've taken more pictures. I would've lingered a bit longer on top and packed a few more treats to while away our usual dawdling at the summit.

Leave only footprints

Meg, sheltering behind the summit cairn

Ben Ledi summit cross (a sock-winning shot)

Looking back for the last time

Sad to think that we'll never have that day again but I feel immensely priviliged to have had a day as fine as that at all.


Anonymous said...

Nah, they are great photies.

Big Kev said...

Ach, kind words. Ta :o)