Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Ding, Dong.....

It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to Scotland's second most famous creature, the Midgie. A time when fannying about at the back of the car, sorting and adjusting various bits of stuff, isn't an option. Wishing to hell that you hadn't worn shorts and doing that strange wee dance* that's seen in every car park and campsite across Scotland from May 'til October.

I've been using Skin So Soft** for years now and, for me at least, it works. For complete preservation of sanity however, long sleeves, trousers and a head-net are a must.

Who cares if you smell like a girl?

Reading that back, I've realised just how soft I've become after all these years in the Lowlands. As a youngster, growing up on Speyside, Midgies were an accepted part of life. They're just there, as much a part of the landscape as trees and hills. I don't remember ever having to run home, screaming like a girl.

It's reckoned they cost the Scottish tourist industry millions in lost revenue and that may be true but they also keep the property developers at bay. Scotland without the Midgie would be a very different place indeed.

And if I kill a few hundred whenever I'm out, then that's just acceptable losses.

UPDATE - 19/07/08

The briefest of searches turned up a wee 50ml skooshy bottle in Boots' travel section. Some smaller ones in amongst the hair products but they were dearer and full of stuff. Worth bearing in mind though.

*Running in circles, waving both hands in the air while screaming unintelligibly.

**The search is on for a smaller, skooshy-topped receptacle.


AktoMan said...

"kill one, and a million come to the funeral".

In tried putting some in a Nalgene screw-top bottle, and just rubbing it on me. Strangely, it occasionally turned to a powder, and then back again. Whether motion, heat or a combination.

You could try the Body Shop, or similar for a wee atomiser bottle.

As to SSS, it didn't work for me, so I moved on. Strange that it works for some and not others.

And as a kid, yes, midges did affect us. Mainly having when out cutting peats and the wind dropped.

Big Kev said...

Maybe it's selective memory/onset of senility on my part. Or the Rothes calendar above my desk. More likely it's repressed memory and the reality is too horrible to ever recall :o)

Good call on the Body Shop btw although there's none within miles of here. A wee trip to Stirling methinks.

AktoMan said...

Hmm, I wonder if one of the wee eyedropper bottles from SHC Web would do? They are the same sort used by Vallejo paints. Though maybe the spray is important to the SSS working?

Big Kev said...

You read my mind; just back from faffing around with the wee 5ml bottles. Works ok but maybe better coverage with a spray? Hmmmm......

AktoMan said...

Is the stuff poisonous to humans? Could you maybe put some in your mouth and spray it on yourself?

If so, I want to see a video clip ;-)

Big Kev said...

I think those meths-based experiments you've been doing may be having an effect. You may want to open a window :o)

AktoMan said...

LOL. I'm sure I saw someone on these 'survivor' or 'tribe' progs on tv do it though.