Saturday 22 December 2012


Just been catching up on stuff I've missed over the last few weeks and this post here struck a chord. I'm the worlds' worst for keeping track of hills I've been up and am very much the "anti list-ticker". More and more often I find myself reading about other folks' trips and thinking, "That looks familiar." but I'm no longer 100% sure of where I've been and when.

As I watch my mothers' memories being wiped out, I wish that I'd been more anal about the whole thing; kept a log book, properly cataloged photies and such-like. Still, never too late to start, eh? Time to find a pen and dig out the (unmarked) Harveys Munro and Corbett chart.


That, btw, is just one of the hundreds, possibly thousands, of photies that my maw has taken over the years. I know that's her in the picture but where it was taken and when is anybodys' guess. That knowledge is gone, along with almost every other memory she'd built up in her 70+ years.

Fuck you, Alzheimers.

Fuck. You.


Alan Sloman said...

Good post, Kev.
I agree with you, 100%.

All the best,

Because They're There said...

You're right. It's never to late to start. Best wishes.
Alen McF