Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Here comes the summer

Summer in Scotland. It's a bit shite, really. And totally rubbish when it comes to walking up hills and such-like. It's either too hot, too wet or somewhere in between. And then there's the midgies. And the ticks.Thinking back, I never did very much between May and September.

So, fuck it. I'm staying local for the time being. Any spare time will be spent up at the allotment, growing stuff. It's a much more productive use of our time. Literally. The tatties and some of the salad stuff have been going down a treat. And the sense of satisfaction is easily on a par with gettin' tae the top of a hill and a day of digging is just as knackering :(

I like it so this'll be me until September.

The Man Cave

There's been some talk of doing the Fife Coastal Path in a "section-hike" style, once the weather settles a bit, which'll be good. And I'll be heading back to the Cairngorms for a visit that's long overdue.

I'm trimming down the gear pile in the meantime, selling off tents'n'packs'n'stuff and getting it all back to some semblance of order. Only thing I actually intend buying is another of Sean's custom inners for the Hex; something lighter than the original Oooknest and with a bit more mesh.

So aye, best get on. The weeding'll no' do itsel' :o)


b said...

I'm no' much of a summer fan myself I find. I spend most of it these day's lying under the Landy.

Martin Rye said...

I like your thinking. I am still off for a big summer walk. Sean does make fine inners. Get the one I got. Multi purpose number as on his blog section.

Big Kev said...

@Sandy - I had a Landy for 5 years before I got fed up spending stoopid amounts of money keeping it running. You've got a few years to go yet :o)

@Martin - I saw you'd planned a walk. Looks good. Hope it goes well. The modular nest is a work of quiet genius. It'll be that or a 3/4 job, I haven't decided.

b said...

Lol, I reversed into a wall the other day and added some "character" to her back end. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how little the replacement lights etc are going cost me...and the hammering, I can do for free ;o)

A modular nest eh? I have to go look at this. I'm still saving for a 3/4 nest for me and the dug from Sean.

Big Kev said...

Oh aye, always carry a hammer :o)
The modular nest is definitely worth checking out btw. Esp' for up here in the "warmer" months.

Because They're There said...

Your allotment sounds a lot more productive than mine, Kev. The ground's been saturated down here in North Yorkshire for months. Very little is growing – and the few things that dare to poke through the soil are being eaten by slugs. A thin year. And rabbits are getting in too. I'm ditching the wellies for my hiking boots.
Alen McF

Big Kev said...

Aye, it's been bad up here too. Slugs, rabbits and birds have all had a go. Everything's netted now which has helped. Need more sun and less rain to get stuff ripening.