Monday, 6 June 2011

Munky Business

It's not often that I'm at the forefront of something new and exciting but there's a first time for everything.

Back in October, last year, I got talking to Sean over on Outdoorsmagic about custom inner options for the  Hex 3. After a wee bit of persuasion, I got him to run me up a "winterised" OookNest (half-nest); bomber waterproof floor, solid panels with mesh higher up. In mid November, a neat little package arrived.

Truth is, I was bowled over by the sheer quality of the finished product; easily on a par with the big boys of the tent world. Sean had even added a couple of storage pockets, spare bungee cord and packed the lot up in a neat OookWorks stuff sack.

That's mine, that is. Image copyright OookWorks 2010

Munky Business

For a bespoke item, it really is seriously impressive. You can, of course, source these things from the U.S but I'd rather support somebody here in the UK. Well, Cumbria and that's practically Scotland :o)

So if you've got a shelter that needs a bit more porch space or whatever, get in touch with Sean to see what he can come up with.

I'm no' 100% certain that I was the first OookWorks customer but there's no doubt in my mind that there'll be many more in the future.


scott said...

It's awfy professional looking, as you say. I don't do lightweight of course, but if I did that'd be the very dab.

Mind you, I don't seem to do camping at all these days, lightweight or not.

Big Kev said...

You need a lighter inner for that porky hillyburg of yours :o)

I can't see myself doing much campin for the next wee while now that the midgies are back O_o

Sean said...

You were indeed the first, BK.
It's all your fault.

Big Kev said...

Ach, you'll thank me one day :o)

scott said...


"Just one loook. That's all it toook."

Thank you! I'm here all week!


Big Kev said...

All week? Good grief :o(