Sunday, 5 June 2011

Maxpedition Grimloc D-Rings

I was rooting around the other day and came across some photies in a folder marked "Blogging". There's a bunch of stuff in there, all of it meant to illustrate blog posts that fell by the way side and never saw the light of day. There's no text with them so I can only guess at what might have been.

The Grimlocs are a case in point. As a habitual baseball cap wearer, I've been using clips of some description or another for a number of years. A wee clip thru' the D-ring on a shoulder strap is a handy way of securing a hat, gloves or whatever.

 Open and shut

Dammit, they're good for all sorts of things. I've got a decent selection of carabiners both large and small but it's the Grimloc that's been attached to my pack for a while now. Dead easy to use with gloved or cold hands and they weigh next to nothing. Reasonably cheap too; a pack of 4 can be had for less than a tenner.

There are cheaper alternatives, of course but these are "mil-spec" and that makes them way cooler than anything else :o)

I like them so much, in fact, that I've got two to give away. Simply leave a comment below and your name will be entered into a draw which will take place a week from now. No names or email addresses will be used for anything other than this glorified lucky dip. This blog is strictly a commercial free zone :o)

 Update 12/6/11: "Competition" (such as it is) closes at 3pm today.


Alan Sloman said...

A spankingly good idea.
I am forever dropping my cap as I juggle with walking poles, maps etc as the rain and sunshine swap about. I used to clip them into my rucsack chest strap but then they fall off when you take the pack off.

Big Kev said...

I can't claim to have invented the concept but I have been doing it for quite some time :o)

PhilW said...

Looks like a great idea - never seen these before.

Big Kev said...

You'd have seen them last year, Phil if I'd blogged more often :o(

Helm Crag said...

Kev, I've never seen Grimlocs before.. they look great and will solve the problems I have carrying extra gear around. Off to order some now!