Friday, 5 June 2009

Sunday Post

I'd hoped that the wee box from Bob & Rose would've arrived on Saturday morning but it showed up on Sunday. When did posties start workin on the Sabbath?


scott said...

When they've been too hungover to go in on the Saturday, and they're trying to avoid getting found out & fired on Monday?

I'm no' dissing our posties; I'm talking from personal experience.


Joe Newton said...

Is that one of those Primus windscreens I spy in there? I'm waiting for Posten to deliver mine.

Big Kev said...

@Scott - I never thought of that :o)

@Holdfast - It is indeed. I havnae had a chance to try it yet seeing as the postie was indisposed :o) All I can say for now is that it's light. I'll dig a couple of pots out and see if it fits inside.