Saturday, 1 November 2008

Single Skinner

I picked up a Golite Trig 1 via Ebay the other day. It's in pristine condition and cost very little. It was an impulse buy and I'm no' sure how, or even if, it'll work out. I like the idea of single skin tents but there's the thorny issue of our increasingly mild and damp winters up here. I'm hoping for cold & frosty for our impending trip to the 'gorms but I'm no' holding my breath.


I'll stick it up in the garden tomorrow and have a look see.

Also in the post was a Silva L4*. With The Boy using the Tikka last time out, I was left in the murk. So a spare was called for. Anyway, it's Camo' so what's a boy to do?


As I wrote that last paragraph, I remembered the E-Lite that lives in the "emergency" dry-bag. I think I may be going senile.

*Tip o' the hat to ptc* for bringing it to my attention.


Joe Newton said...

I wish I'd gone for the Silva head lamp. I was swayed by to go for the Princeton Tec Scout which granted is waffer small and light but the stupid three 'power' settings start with the brightest then cycle through to the stealth mode by which time your night vision has been well and truly ruined!

Big Kev said...

Aye, the Tikka only has the one retina-searing setting. A bit brutal at 3 in the morning :o)

The L4's a nice wee unit. I'm stuffed if I drop it in long grass tho' :o)

Anonymous said...

It's the same one I'm still using. I love the red then low white light settings.
Great wee bit of kit.