Sunday, 19 October 2008

Kevvy No-Mates

I was over having a look at TGO's new forum layout and jolly nice it is too. It's still a bit quiet but at least they seem to have booted the porn spammers into touch.

However, I was a wee bit disheartened when I had a look at my profile page; there, writ large was the legend "This User Has No Friends". It's even capitalised. Cheers. Thanks for pointing that out.


Heartless bastards.


Joe Newton said...

Awww Kev! Don't worry, you have friends on here! Don't you have 'real' friends on xbox live too?!

Big Kev said...

Ach, bless you :o)

I'm no' sure I'd class I PWN U, whitefang1994, h4l03pl4yr and their ilk as friends exactly but it's a nice sentiment :o)