Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Saving the Planet

I'm a great believer in recycling. Anybody who's bought stuff from me via ebay will get a well-packaged bundle of happiness but it won't be the first time the wrapping has gone thru' the postal service.

So, when The Future Mrs D says "You've got a parcel", I immediately think "Woohoo!!". There's a moment of confusion when she chucks it over. It feels a bit crinkly, almost as if it's been wrapped in a shopping bag. "WTF?". It is wrapped in a shopping bag.

Crafty marketing or something else?

Now, if this had been bought from some nice person via Ebay, I could understand it but it wasn't. It came from a well known retailer.

On the one hand, it's a great bit of recycling. On the other, I paid nearly £4 for P&P. It did arrive quickly, right enough. Within 2 working days in fact.

I'm really no' sure how I feel about this. Actually, I do but I won't say anything here until I've spoken to their customer services folk.

I'm away to open it. I'm sure the contents will put a smile back upon my coupon.


Anonymous said...

Aye, aye, but what was in it?

Rock+Run fallen on hard times or just need a bigger lightbulb in the store room? Someone's maybe away home from their work with their dinner in a padded Jiffy bag.

Big Kev said...

Aye, those energy-saving bulbs are a bit dim. I half expected to find somebody's jam pieces and a packet of Walkers in there.

The OMM Trio contained therein restored my happiness tho'. I'll have a wee play with it later. Nothing like the prospect of new kit to get you thru' a working day :o)

Anonymous said...

They've done their bit, now you do yours and stick the bag in the recycling ;)

We're trying to get our (big) factory down to zero landfill, it's interesting the uses you can find for stuff, once you decide not to just chuck it in the skip.

Big Kev said...

SW, bag long gone to the recycling bin. And yes, we should all be watching "The Good Life" re-runs :o)