Saturday, 12 April 2008


"What are we campaigning for?"

There's the beginnings of a chant right there. Current e-petition signatures stand at 1,233 at time of writing. Somebody's gonnae get a nicely rounded number if they get off their arse and spend the whole 2 minutes it takes to sign up.

I could use a "ghost" account and bag it myself but that would make a mockery of the democratic process and, as we've already got a Scot or 2 in the door doon South, it's probably best not to rock the boat.

I've been busy and lost track of how things were going. I expected the number to be much higher. Just shows my faith in human nature and how often it leads to disappointment.

But hey, I'm on holiday and have a whole country to gallavant around if I so choose.

I love being Scottish, I do.


BG! said...

"... but that would make a mockery of the democratic process..."

Too late, Kev, our govt's already bagged First Prize.

BG! said...

Yer clock's an hour out, BTW.


Big Kev said...

Half your gov't is Scottish and oor lot aren't exactly above reproach.

Btw, I'd like to say the clock thing is a protest against BST but the reality is that it refuses to bow to my coding skills :o)

Big Kev said...

Update: Clock fixed :o)

BG! said...

Another wasted hour, eh?

Big Kev said...

More like 40 minutes'ish but yes :o)