Sunday, 17 February 2008

Breaking The Law - Update

The campaign to free our Wild Camping Southern cousins from the bonds of oppression continues apace with 540 signatures, last time I checked. Updates are available over at where various folk are working their arses off to push this through. They deserve your support so, if you're a British Citizen & haven't signed, please do so now. It takes 2 minutes. 2 minutes to dispel the FUD* surrounding the activity that hunners, if not thoosands, of folk enjoy.

You too can be like us Scots, and you know you want to, and enjoy the freedom of an overnight in the hills without fear of being moved on.

*FUD - Fear Uncertainty Doubt
Or, a Scots term for those who want to keep things as they are. ie a fanny.

Edited to add tip o' the hat to Duncan for the graphic. Nice one.


John Hee said...

cheers for the plug Kev

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Big Kev. I was aiming for the look of the old police posters.

As ever, your comments are straight and to the point. With people wanting to reduce their carbon footprints, I surprised than none of these Southerners came up with this earlier. Obviously they must be happy to continue trespassing on peoples' land for their own pleasure.

Hey ho. A strange people. Just surprised that at the mix of lawbreakers. Some are even Welsh, whilst some folk from London want the change to happen. It is, indeed, a world turned upside down.

Big Kev said...

John, no thanks necessary. It's you guys that are doing the hard work. Me givin' folk a boot up the arse takes mere seconds :o)

Duncan, the elitist, and occasionally racist, attitude of some of the nay-sayers is reason enough to get this pushed through. That some folk are happy to be criminalised is something I didn't expect. A strange people, indeed.

AktoMan said...

Is it just me, but I have the feeling that Kev and John are twins, separated at birth ;-)

Big Kev said...

Here, if John reads that, you'll get battered for implying he's a closet Scot :o)

AktoMan said...

I've seen his moustache, so have implied closet things before ;-)


Big Kev said...

Sorry for the delay, I was away trying to find you a bigger shovel :o)

AktoMan said...

Just wait until you see him, Kev. If he had the proper motorbike cop's kit on he'd be a dead ringer. Honest