Tuesday, 13 November 2007

A load of Balls

So there I am, sitting doing a fair bit of nothing much, when the postie chaps* on the door. I open it and he hands me a small box. It's addressed to me and has a Mountaineering Council of Scotland postmark. It rattles when I shake it. I havnae ordered anything from them so I'm figuring it must be a mistake but, what the hey, I'll open it.

It's full of balls. They look like something you'd put out for the birds and then it dawns on me; I'd won something! Well, more of a free draw but they'd pulled my name oot the hat. I'd seen something in the last issue of The Scottish Mountaineer and thought "Oooo, that's interesting." and fired off an email.
They're Bounce Balls, made with natural ingredients and designed to keep you going when you're out and about. More details at http://www.bouncesnackfoods.com/uk/index.php but I can tell you they're actually really tasty. And, in my case, free. :o) I'll definitely look into getting more when these ones run out.

Big thanks to the MCofS and Bounce for the freebies. Much appreciated.

*chaps - Scottish for "knocks on".


Anonymous said...

Is that like nut jerky then? Or more of a marzipan surprise?

Big Kev said...

Hmmm, it depends on how warm it is. ie at room temp, it's a bit like marzipan. Oot on the hill, at this time of year, it's a bit like chewing a pebble :o)

Best warmed up in a pocket beforehand, I think :o)