Saturday, 24 November 2007

Back to the Future

In the box where I found Highland Days, there was a copy of Ralph Storer's "Exploring Scottish Hill Tracks". I've got his "100 Best Routes...." book and I'd been meaning to get a copy of this one for some time and there it was, priced at a couple of quid. Bargain.

It's a wee bit dated but still a good read and it's given me ideas for 2 or 3 day walks (overnighters) which is something I havnae done for a long, long time. (I've a mind to do the WHW next Spring but I don't want to jinx it by talking about it out loud).

Another reason I mention it is that Ralph was one of my Computing Studies lecturers at Napier. If I'd known he was a hill man maybe I would've gone to his classes more often. Instead, I dropped out, got a job in IT and actually started working for a living. And here I am, paying more attention to his written word now than I did back then. His book on Structured Programming is pure rubbish by the way.


Anonymous said...

That's a crackin' book. I like Ralph Storers stuff.
They re-did the "100 best.." in two wee hardbacks and added a matching third volume called Classic Mountain Routes. Really good photies in them all.
WHW? Aye, tell naeb'dy. Or, don't take Brian. Either will ensure success.

Big Kev said...

I'll add the Classic Mountain Routes one to my Christmas list. Cheers for that. Thinking back, Ralph had the look of the Gangrel; wirey frame and a full beard. Nice bloke but I never got a handle on the Programming stuff. It wisnae his fault, I'm just not logically inclined.

I'll be sure to throw a veil of secrecy over Operation WHW. Nobody called Brian? Check.