Sunday, 11 October 2009


OMG i m gay. At least, that's what I thought it said. The "gamy" is a bit unfortunate on its' own, never mind potential anagrams.

OMM-i-gamy. What were they thinking?

Piss-taking potential aside, its' yet another example of OMMs' modular approach to carrying stuff. I like it a lot. Regular readers may have noticed various bottles turning up in photies and a complete lack of tubes sprouting from packs.

Spot the tube? :o)

I dallied with hydration systems a while back and never really got on with them. All that drinking-on-the-go stuff wasn't for me. I like to stop, have a few sips and have a look aboot. And it's an excuse to get my breath back, if I'm being honest :o)

Anyway, nobody's gonnae convince me that a plastic bag and some tubing is cooler-looking than a Black Sigg Oval.


Joe Newton said...

Agreed, I gave up on hydration systems a few years ago. Way too much fannying around. The next step is giving up the bottle and relying on a kuksa!

Big Kev said...
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