Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nun Attack!!!

There's been a definite nip in the air these past few mornings. Autumn's nearly here and, this being Scotland, Winter won't be far behind. I'd been going through the gear pile and there's plenty of choice when it comes to warm stuff. A lot of it's synthetic and there's a few bits of down in there but there's always room for a bit more.

I had a PHD Yukon Pullover on the wish list but never got around to picking one up in the last sale. But, as luck would have it, I spotted something similar during an infrequent visit to OM. A quick bit of Googling and my mind was made up. Turns out the seller was the same guy that I'd bought the LIM 55 from, months ago. A couple of emails back and forth and a Nunatak Skaha Plus was mine.

Gear Porn

It's a custom job with an extra 2oz of down and a tunnel handwarmer pocket. It is, quite simply, stunning. Packs down small but lofts like an absolute bastard while tipping the scales at 440g. Team it with the PHD Minim 500 and I've got a bitchin' winter sleep-system.

Fuckin' awesome.


Nielsen Brown said...

Nunatak Skaha Plus is a great jacket, it will serve you well. My LIM 45 is in for a minor overhaul, but they are a great pack.

Martin Rye said...

:) happy days.

Big Kev said...

@NB - the Skaha's a lovely piece of kit and beautifully made. It should last me for years. Those Haglofs LIM bags? The harness on the 55 is super-comfy but I'm not ready to let go of The Villain just yet. (Or ever)

@Martin - happy days indeed. Joyful even :o)

scott said...

It is, quite simply, stunning. Packs down small but lofts like an absolute bastard while tipping the scales at 440g....Fuckin' awesome.

Look, just tell us whether you like it or not. The suspense is killing me.


Big Kev said...

It's awright, I suppose.


Joe Newton said...

So what's the total number of insulated jackets/vests up to now?! Jeezus, you must have a whole wardrobe dedicated to 'em!

Unknown said...

Sweet! Want one too! Happy times for you - BB and now the Nunatak Shaka!

Big Kev said...

@holdfast - you sound like my Mrs :o(
Fear not tho', the "buy something, sell something" is working well. The gear pile's actually shrinking :o)

@Hendrik - just lucky that I was around when folk were selling stuff :o) All this newness is actually inspirational: I've got a map here beside me and plans are being made :o)

Lucy @ the down jacket site said...

Hi, how are you?

I was trying to find a contacts form to see if you'd give me some advice on my new site, if you have some time I'd love you to let me know what you think, or even link to it if you really like it.

thank you!