Thursday, 22 January 2009


Important things, pegs. The recent banter over at ptc*s place got me think about my own, admittedly small, collection. I keep meaning to add a couple of really long ones to anchor the ends of the Laserlite in really dodgy conditions but never seem to get around to it. I may purchase more this weekend.
From left to right: Vaude(V), Vango(V), Alpkit(V), Big Agnes(X), Clamcleats(Y)*, Golite(Y) & Terra Nova(r?)

Some of those are ripe for a bit of a drilling and some cordage. Sounds like a rainy day project to me.

*Tip o' the hat to Bigbanafeet for bringing these up by way of Petesy's place.


Anonymous said...

BBF's a good lad, bless him and his peg referral!
When I was admining the camp spares I found my carbons from the old Laserlite and I inspected the few with bits missing. The brass points hadn't fallen out, the shafts have split either from me standing on them to get them in the ground or from flexing in the wind.
I found that quite reassuring.

Big Kev said...

I don't have any bent pegs. Some of them are dirty. This is not good.

Anonymous said...

If you want wear and tear on your tent gear, you are very welcome to come try to find a decent pitch in the gathering darkness with us any time :o)

Big Kev said...

A kind offer. I'll take you up on it at some point soon.

Big Kev said...
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