Thursday, 4 December 2008

Good Grief!

The Boy's 15 today. 15!!! Where the hell did the years go?

Happy Birthday, wee man.

LOL and indeed, ROFL! :O)


Anonymous said...

A happy birthday to the lad.

AktoMan said...

3 more years before you can legally boot him out of the house ;-)

Best birthday wishes

scott said...

Aye, Happy Birthday, Son Of Kev.


Fifteen's a fine age.

Mind you, ours is 21, has left home and is a joiner.

IMO, that's among the best of all possible outcomes.


Big Kev said...

Thanks guys :o)

I would've put him to work by now had Thatcher no' ripped the arse out of our mining industry. And everything else :o)