Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lest we forget

90-odd years ago, my biological Great Grandfather went off to a war from which he never returned. He left behind a pregnant sweetheart. Just over 30 years later, the son he never knew also answered the call to arms.

Thankfully, he survived.

Today, I'll stop whatever I'm doing and spend a few minutes offering up whatever the agnostic version of a prayer is, to them and the others they fought alongside and against, and to all the men and women who made, and continue to make, the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you. Thank you all.


Martin Rye said...

Well said Kev. They gave every thing. We can never forget.

Big Kev said...

I agree, Martin. Remembering them is the very least we can do.

AktoMan said...

The departed are with us as long as we remember them.