Friday, 28 November 2008

Game's a bogie

"I'm undoubtedly tempting fate by making any plans at all, let alone sticking them up here for the world to see but sometimes you just have to."

How prophetic. For the second weekend in a row, bag packed and ready for the off, it all goes wrong at the last minute.

The first time, the fickle hand of fate cast the di and came up with two sixes. I threw "snake eyes".

This time, the fourth horseman, Pestilence turned up just in time. He apologised for his lateness but there's nothing like a last minute cancellation to make you look like a complete and utter fud.



Joe Newton said...

Covert planning is the answer.

scott said...

So, reading between the lines you're no' going then?


I've still got no idea what I'll be doing, if anything - clearly making no plans doesn't work either!

Big Kev said...

Nothing seems to work.

Never mind. "These thing are sent to try us" as my gran would say :o)

Anonymous said...

Ah well, join the family. My intention had been to travel up Tuesday night. Tuesday morning I felt really rough. Spent a lousy day feeling awful. The packed rucksack glared at me every time I passed it, "wimp" it kept muttering. It was no go though. Some sixteen hours of being bounced around in buses would have been a tad too much and I had no option but to bail out. Unfortunately my tickets where not refundable, so I lost out there too. Ah well, maybe in the new year? Dawn.