Sunday, 5 October 2008

Warm Front

All this talk of snow, and our first frost, has had me rummaging in the wardrobe. Just the briefest of looks revealed a range of options for staying warm when the temperature drops and Jack Frost starts nipping at your lugs.

One of the first things I reach for at this time of year is a thin fleece. I practically live in Berghaus Yukons and one of them sometimes goes in the bag. A bit more technical, the Haglofs Triton Hood is a superb bit of kit and a firm favourite. I'd have 10 of these if I could but they've been dis-continued and you'll find hens teeth before you track one down.


One of the first synthetics I bought was the Berghaus Infinity Light and I've been using it for years. For something so light, it's surprisingly warm. The boxy cut means that it fits over over layers easily and the Pertex outer sheds snow and light rain like a bastard. There's no hood but I can live with that; I carry a Buff year-round.


Next up is the Montane Solo. Again discontinued (why, oh why???) and picked up in a clearance sale. Stupidly warm for the weight (think Poartec 300) and with just enough features to make it practically perfect. The Pertex roll-away hood is the cherry on the cake.


I've got 2 Haglofs Barrier Hoods. I used one all through last winter as an everyday outer layer and stayed warm, dry & comfy regardless of the weather. I can't fault it. At first glance, it looks a bit on the bulky side but it scrunches down into one of the pockets, nae bother. Lovely.


Being a Paramo fanboy, I sat up and took notice when they announced they were bringing out a couple of insulation pieces. Initial reports of weight and bulkiness issues meant that I hedged my bets and went for the Paramo Torres vest. I'm glad I did because it works very, very well indeed. Pack size is reasonable and the weight isn't that contentious. It doesn't give a monkey's how crap the weather is either. I like it a lot.


When the Montane Prism 2.0 came out, I nearly took Mr Fast&Light's hand off. Even the colour, a ferocious Alpine Red, couldnae stop me. I cannot wait to be sitting on a snowy summit, brew in hand, wrapped up in this puppy. It begs to be taken out on wintery adventures. And it shall my friends. Oh yes, it shall.



Martin Rye said...

I have the Prism 1.0. Love it. Saying that if I get a new bit of kit it would be the Paramo Torres vest. Looks good that.

Big Kev said...

Aye, the Torres vest is nice, Martin. I had a look at the smock recently and it's nowhere near as heavy as I thought it'd be. As a foul weather "chuck over" layer, it's worth thinking about.

Anonymous said...

I am excited by this display of items.
There is no use in denying it.

I have this evening been for a stroll in my own Barrier Hoody, truly a king among insulated princes.

Big Kev said...

A king, indeed. :o) Everybody should have one. Or 2.

That's what was in the wardrobe btw. I shudder to think what's up in the loft.

Anonymous said...

Spiders. :O)

Big Kev said...

Oh aye. Lots of those :o)

I've kept my stuff in storage bags ever since I found one particularly large specimen had taken up residence in an ultrafleece mountain jacket.

scott said...

For the first time since the end of our glorious summer - aye, right - I'm thinking about sticking my Torres vest into the rucksack tomorrow.

An ideal garment when there's to be "significant windchill" on the Wee Bookle, I reckon.


Big Kev said...

Aye, it definitely looks like Paramo weather out there. If I get out later, the Torres is coming with me.

I think I'm going to have another look at the smock. It been buggin' me since I mentioned it :o)