Thursday, 4 September 2008

Mental Bubblegum

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, what with changes at work, one bairn getting married and another going off to Uni', we've been driven to distraction. A walk would be good to clear the mind but, when time is short and the hour late, firing up an Xbox is the next best thing. (I'm talking as a non-drinker here btw).

A couple of the boys at work had been raving about Battlefield: Bad Company and so, when it finally hit the shelves, I picked up a copy.


They were right; it's a hoot. The multiplayer mode is a pure joy, if you like that kind of thing. We spent a few hours running around as a wee squad and had a brilliant time. The first of many missions together, I'm sure. Let's hear it for team bonding.


Me (centre) and the boys, playing to the camera


Anonymous said...

Is that a wookie at the back in the screenshot?

Big Kev said...

Yes and it was Darth who took the photie.


Martin Rye said...

I need to get my 360 wired up again - the boy has the full X Box live and we are a multi X Box 360 family. I have been busy last few months, and miss the old 360. I'll check out that game.

Big Kev said...

Bad Company's great when it comes to multiplayer. When you get wired up, download the free demo. If you like FPS's, you'll want to buy the full version.
I love my 360. I really do :o)