Monday, 9 June 2008

What's this?

Came back from Stirling on Saturday to find a card from the postie. Something wouldnae fit through the letterbox. I had an inkling about what it might be but couldnae be sure.

So, this morning, I nipped in on the way to work and picked it up.


Ah right. I'd stuck a bid on a wee Ajungilak cup on Ebay on account of it being a) a nice shape and, more importantly, b) marked in 50ml increments. (I wanted to avoid future "soup" incidents when re-hydrating stuff).

Unfortunately, around the same time, I'd ordered an Optimus Terra Solo pot which is also marked therein.

Not to worry. It didnae cost much and I'm sure it'll get used. Probably in the next couple of weeks, in fact.


Anonymous said...

The opening of the gear parcel.
A delight that never dims :o)

AktoMan said...

Good call, ptc*. I'd rate it better than opening a fresh coffee jar.

Big Kev said...

Aye, it never gets old. It's been a good week: an Oz, the wee cup and 2 big bags (free) of peanut butter M&M's from the US. My mood is positively bouyant :o)

Anonymous said...

Fresh jar of coffee versus fresh jar of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate.

Wait a minute, an Oz?

Big Kev said...

Aye :o) For much cheapness via Ebay. Brand new and still in the bag. I like it a lot.

Big Kev said...

Nearly forgot: package from Expedition Foods on Tuesday. More curries and at least one breakfast. Jings!!!

Anonymous said...


On many levels.

AktoMan said...

Expedition Foods - real food for real men. yar.

I don't know what wolf-fish is, but it is darned tasty.