Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Spam Shortage

Don't know about anybody else but I've been getting a lot less spam over the last couple of weeks. Maybe the spammers think I'm down the online casino, checking the time on my fake Rolex whilst in a state of advanced priapism?

If, on the other hand, Google have ramped up their spam filters then I must applaud them. The list of things I hate is a short one but spammers are right up there with wasps and thieves. Having the bastards dragged out into the street and beaten around the legs with a large stick would be a fine start.

Note to self: check for anti-spammer e-petitions.

Y'all have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

I've had twelve spam in six months.
As they say, my appeal has become more selective, my popularity is not minmalist in style.

Anonymous said...

Ah wait, Askimet has just filled it's trolley with 52 today.
I feel wanted now.

Big Kev said...

Nobody escapes their attention for long. Fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Another 60 this morning.
Why is this? Why suddenly now? I haven't got that much busier really to make me stick out.
Askimet is catching all of it though. May the Rage of the Titans fuel its blades.

Big Kev said...

Maybe Wordpress is a softer target than Google/Blogger these days?

I don't know. Red hot pokers vs bums. That's what they need.