Friday, 28 March 2008

The Dreaded Lurgey

The New Guy didn't know what The Lurgey was. He'd never heard of it. I tried to explain, it's not a cold and it's not the flu' but something in-between. A general feeling of not-wellness, often manifesting as snotters and croaky voice, a cough that can be "productive" but also dry. Aching bones, zero energy and a desire to crawl back into bed and stay there. It ebbs and flows like a pestilential (is that even a word?) tide. You think you're on the mend and then it's back.

That's two weeks now and I still feel crap. It's rubbish.


Anonymous said...

Go for a run/bike/walk. You'll feel better afterwards, honest.

Either that or it'll age you terribly. ;O]

Anonymous said...

PS - that Puppy's World website you're linking to is a bit light on bloody puppies, Kev! There's not one dug on it!

I feel betrayed. ;O]

Big Kev said...

That's not a bad idea in a "kill or cure" kind of way. I actually feel old anyway so I cannae lose :o)

I'll amend that Puppy's World link too. Or ask Mike to add some dug photies....