Thursday, 31 January 2008

"It's criminal. There ought to be a law..."

...As Bon Scott once sang. Actually, there is. Our wild-camping English cousins are breaking the law every time they pitch their tents anywhere other than their gardens. If you want to save them from a life of crime, Darren has started an e-petition here.

I get the distinct impression tho' that some of them don't want to be saved. Tough titties. It's a rubbish law and should be scrapped in favour of something along the lines of our Scottish model. (There we go, leading the world again).

The Boy Hope is offering a Buy One, Get One Free on beers for anyone that signs*.

*There's small print, naturally enough.


AktoMan said...

LOL, Big Kev - you put things better than I did here:
If you don't want the wild campers, we'll have them up here is Scotland. we're not proud.

Yup, I'm a mercenary b*st*rd. Just leave your money at the door.

Big Kev said...

Cheers Duncan. I'm genuinely baffled by the responses of some folk. Anybody would think they were happy to live under the yoke of oppression :o)