Saturday, 19 January 2008

Denial of Service

So I finally got my car back, nearly 2 weeks after it broke. It's a sorry tale of false promises, incompetence and non-existent, nay absolute shit, customer service. They're Ignorant Bastards of a different sort. They made me angry and I don't like being angry. I'm an easy-going, laid back laddie and that's the way I like it. This last fortnight, I've been irratible and generally hacked off. Missing a chance to get out on the hills in the best winter weather we've had in a long time only made me feel worse.

But, at the end of the day, they've lost 2 customers. You see, The Future Mrs D had her wee car booked in for an MOT at the same garage. They failed it. They wanted to charge her a 4-figure sum and an indeterminate amount of time to fix it. She told them to "F**k Off!" and took it to Kwik Fit who did it for a few hundred the same day.

Wish I'd done that. But she's great that way and I can only marvel at her. Next time my car breaks, I'll chuck her the keys and my credit card. It'll be quicker and cheaper.

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