Monday, 31 December 2007

Revolution, not Resolutions

I'm no' making any resolutions for the coming year. 2007 was a bit rubbish when it came to quality hill days so it's obvious what needs to be done; a lifestyle revolution.

  • No loafing indoors when the weather's half-decent
  • No staying home because the weather might be rubbish
  • No "I'll go next weekend"
  • No "I'll pack my bag/make my pieces/find something to wear in the morning"
  • etc, etc

In short, an end to Procrastination. And, as a born Procrastinator, that's a big lifestyle change. Trust me.

Anyway, I'm no' gettin' any younger and who knows what the future holds? I mean, how can I torment The Baggers* when I've still got Munros and Corbetts that havnae been visited yet?

I'm going to make 2008 The Year I Got My Mojo Back. Yes indeedy.

*Bagger Baiting is one of my favourite guilty pleasures and is rooted in history but that's worth a post in itself. If I ever meet a "Compleatist", I swear, I'll think I've died and gone to Heaven.


Anonymous said...

That first foot out the door can be the hardest.
I'm terrible for a drought and a burst. When I'm out a lot, my kit is ready to go. When I'm not, I'll have a look at my piles of kit, make a cuppa and decide that it's too much hassle.

I'll say 2008 should be my years of consistency.

Big Kev said...

Aye, once I'm out the door, I'm fine. I used to be a hillwalking machine; out in all weather's and regardless of what was on the telly that day. Consistency's a good word for it. I may borrow that.

AktoMan said...

I've just gotten this guilty feeling...if it wisnae illness it was work. Can they be excuses if they are real reasons? Still, got another coast-to-coast to look forward to at Easter. I'm reckoning on stealing Darren's TGOC route from last year. Without the medivac ... hopefully.

Have a good New Year, Big Kev.

Big Kev said...

You wouldn't be stealing WD's route, you'd be inspired by it :o)

Real reasons are valid unless they're used as an excuse. And that's what I tend to do. But tomorrow's another year, eh? :o)

All the best, Chief.

AktoMan said...

All the best, Big Man. I'm off to watch "Still Game" and cuddle up to some bottle and ma Ma's finest fancies.