Sunday, 3 June 2007

Food Glorious Food

Aside from the weather, one of the things that can make a good hill day really special is food. There's nothing better than munching on some really nice tasties while taking in the views (or lack thereof). King of the hill snack is the Samosa. Veggie or meat-filled, it makes no odds, they're all good.

I've been meaning to try "jerky" in one of its' many forms for some time and so it was off to Ebay for a wee bit of a hunt. Didn't take long to find it either, 10 packs of Beef Jerky (Teryaki flavour) for under a tenner delivered. Long story short, it's fantastic. I'm hooked. I will definitely be taking a couple of packets along on the next walk.

Chewy, meaty goodness.

The seller also threw in a free pack of Jerky "nuggets" which were really, really nice. I'll be keeping an eye open for those.

While on Ebay, I also spotted some Peanut Butter M&Ms. Irresistible. I'll have some of those. Oh, and I'll take a packet of the Dark Chocolate ones as well, thanks very much. I'd intended to add these into some trail mix but I doubt they'll last that long. Nae will-power, that's my problem.

Note tell-tale ripped off corner.

Uhmmm, and again. Totally "more-ish" and brilliant with coffee :o)


Claire MacLeod said...

Hi there. Just came across your blog and spent the past 20 minutes wondering through it - was great fun! I seen this company at a trade show recently and thought you might be interested? no connection to me and thus not a shameless plug just thought it might be easier than ebay and it's Scottish! (whether that's a good thing or not for Jerky producers you decide!)

I shall be trying your recipe for chocolate biccie cake for days on the hill, though it will have some stiff competition in the form of my homemade gingerbread


Big Kev said...

Hi Claire, Thanks for the compliment & the links. It's not often I get folk off the telly stopping by :o)
I meant to add a link to your site when I added one for Dave's, ages ago. I'll do it now.

Awra best.