Thursday, 29 March 2007

Cookin' wi' Gas

Spent a couple of hours on Sunday messing around with stoves, various bits of cookware and some of Bob's Thermawrap windshield/pot cosy stuff. The result? I'm rubbish at making stuff. Although, to be fair, I did fashion a windshield for the Vargo Triad stove and, despite a bit of scorching, it did work.

I also came to the conclusion that I prefer gas to meths. It's a lot less hassle. Or maybe I just need to practice more? OK, I could have made life easier if I'd bothered to get a bottle with a spout for the meths but no, I filled the Triad from the big bottle the stuff came in. Result was a bit messy. And, it was blustery outside so getting the stove lit was a lot harder than I thought; disposable lighter kept getting blown out, fire steel was fun in a Ray Mears way but it eventually took 6 matches to get a flame.

The gas stove lit first time.

However, the Triad, windshield and a wee fuel bottle can all fit in an MSR Titan Cup so I think that'll be a combo for calm days when getting a hot drink is a luxury rather than a necessity.

I've managed to convince myself that my Karrimor stove is too bulky and, rather than modifying it, I should invest in the Vargo Jet Ti. Funny that, eh? :o)

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